Trademark Services
A simple trademark application will only require the applicant to provide us with the mark and a description of the goods or services he provides. However, our full service may be required if the applicant requires a review of the business strategy, future development such as overseas market and franchising plans, as well as a review on the suitability of a mark to identify a business distinctly.
Trademark application is rather straightforward in Hong Kong with registration expected to issue in six months from application date, provided that the trademark examiner does not object and if there is no opposition to the registration.
The validity of a registered trademark lasts for a period of 10 years from the filing date and is renewable for every 10 years thereafter. The registration will become vulnerable to cancellation attacks by third parties if the trademark has not been used in the country of registration for 3 consecutive years.
Hong Kong recognises the 6 month priority filing under the Paris Convention by virtue of its membership in the World Trade Organisation.

Food and Beverages
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